The group INTERSTELLAR 2 2 7 was founded by Barbara Schachtner and Dorrit Bauerecker in 2014. Interstellar defines the part of the space that exists in between two fixed stars.  A fixed star by definition is a self-luminous celestial body which does not significantly change its position towards other stars.  It’s the space existing in between which the group is interested in.  Transferring this into an artistic context means to confront and place musical and artistic intentions in relation to each other.  The colliding of spaces arising makes the group jointly move beyond the usual orbit and create something new.  Seeking for the existence and non-existence of individual aspects in the artistic process and transforming them into a musical and artistic attitude is the playful impetus of both musicians.

The figures 2 2 7 represent individual coordinates adding up to the final checksum of two and thus make reference to the duo. A code which is intended to light up brightly.  A fiction opening up for speculative space.

INTERSTELLAR 2 2 7 merges a wide variety of artistic activities of both actresses:

Schachtner is a singer and brings in her experiences gained from music theatre, classical chamber music, experimental improvisation and fine arts. She developed an own film format (Jiffy Acts©), started a vocational Butoh dance training and goes off on travels with her music.

Bauerecker is both a pianist and an accordion player and brings in her experiences from music theatre productions and cabaret shows.  She develops contemporary solo concerts with commissioned compositions and experiments with the interplay between the different keyboard instruments.

INTERSTELLAR 2 2 7 is funded by Kölner Kulturpaten e.V. since September 2016.

Barbara Schachtner: Voice, vocals, looper, video clips
Dorrit Bauerecker: Piano, accordion, toy piano, melodica